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High-precision stimulation and perfect slide properties


BO-NanoInject with its conductive tip and EMG cable connection enables electromyography and muscle stimulation to be used in combination. This localisation technique allows precise cannula placement and at the same time makes it possible to check the distance from the neuromuscular synapses.1)
The very thin NanoLine coating, a technology specially developed and patented by PAJUNK®, ensures maximum insulation of the cannula.

Stimulation is provided solely via the electrically conductive contact point and the grinding areas on the cannula tip, creating a high-precision electrical field.

Unlike traditional coating processes, the external diameter of the cannula remains unchanged.

Its surface is exceptionally smooth and therefore imparts excellent slide properties to the cannula with a low injection force.

Long EMG connecting cable
BO-NanoInject cannulas are supplied with a 90-cm long EMG connection cable that can be connected directly to the electro myograph to measure the electrical voltage in the muscle.
Increases the flexibility for the user, when working with BO-Inject cannulas

Sharp facet grinding B
The BO-Inject cannulas have a special grinding geometry. This special facet grinding with a slant of 12° has two inclination angles and is therefore extra sharp.
A good basis for the most painless and at the same time precise puncture possible.

1 Schroeder et al., Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Children … , 2006; 9(2,3): 192

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