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Ultrasound guided central venous and arterial punctures

The use of ultrasound to position central venous catheters is a proven way of improving patient welfare 1 while reducing the rate of failed puncture attempts.2 VascularSono is a vascular puncture cannula developed by PAJUNK ® that has outstanding ultrasound visibility. The ultrasound waves are very clearly reflected in this procedure both in-plane and out-of-plane by the cannula shaft and the tip, even if the insertion angle is steep.3

Sophisticated layout

For a clear identification of the cannnula tip, the “Cornerstone“ reflectors are offset at 60° at the distal end around the cannula and attached at two sections each of 10 mm length.

“Cornerstone” geometry improves echogenity

The “Cornerstone” reflectors are designed in a way that guarantees direct or indirect reflection of the ultrasound waves even at very steep insertion angles.1

Echogenic cannula tip

The facet grinding has two inclination angles, and is coated with NanoLine technology, apart from the tip, which is bare. Therefore the tip is outstandingly ecogenic and has optimum slide properties in all tissue layers.

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