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Continuous peripheral nerve block anaesthesia under ultrasound

Sono System, the gold standard for outstanding echogenicity
PAJUNK® is the first manufacturer to have developed together with Dr. Meier a technique by which the catheter is introduced in sterile condition directly from a container through the cannula, and the anaesthetic is injected through the catheter. This patented technique has aroused a great response and recognition in the professional world. Depending on the catheter properties PAJUNK® differs the following SonoSystem set variants. Per kit variant, up to three different cannula types can be chosen. While the facet grinding cannula exclusively places the catheter parallel to the nerve, the SPROTTE ® SPECIAL cannula
and the Tuohy cannula are suitable for those cases, where it is necessary to introduce the catheter at an angle to the nerve.

SonoLong Curl Echo for precise catheter placement >

Kit consisting of SonoLong Curl Echo catheter with coiled tip + SonoLong NanoLine cannula with

- Tuohy tip

StimuLong Sono II for additional nerve stimulation >

Kit consisting of StimuLong Sono catheter with stimulateable tip + SonoLong NanoLine cannula with

- Facet tip
- Tuohy tip

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