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Handle Instruments

Three handles constitute the foundation of the system. Whereas the free- moving handle opens and closes without locking, the handle with notch is especially suitable for grasping and holding in place. The combination handle incorporates the advantages of these two handles. The notch can easily be switched on and off with a selector.

All PAJUNK® handles can optionally be used for the monopolar electro- coagulation. The supply system for the HF- current is completely encapsulated, the gold- plated coagulation connectors optimise conductivity. PAJUNK® handles are jacketed with glass fibre-reinforced plastic, and ensure therefore a maximum of stability. The ergonomically shaped handles are very simple and comfortable to operate for right handed operators as well as for left handed operators.

A second locking mechanism guarantees a double security for the handle instrument.

A unique PAJUNK® feature: All handle joints are encapsulated. This facilitates soft and gentle operation and avoids obstructions due to sharp edges.

One canchoose from a variety of different forms in the section of grasping forceps, biopsy, clamps and scissors.

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