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Lumbar puncture with SPROTTE ® cannula

The unique tip geometry of the SPROTTE ® cannula enables atraumatic puncture of the ligamentary structures, which makes procedures safer. Its high-quality finish and design developed specifically for the requirements of dural puncture allow optimum fluid flow while at the same time reducing the incidence of post-lumbar puncture headaches. This in turn cuts post-puncture morbidity and improves the efficiency of diagnosis.

Colour-coded hub with size marking

Wide range of cannulas of varying diameters and lengths
Special designs for paediatrics and overweight patients

Smaller interior of the plastic hub

Fluid fills quicker
Fluid is detected as soon as it enters

Ogive-shaped tip geometry

Provides atraumatic properties
Allows to sense when penetrating tissues of varying density

Unhindered, excellent fluid reflux

Because of a smoother inner lumen of the cannula
The location and size of the lateral eye in the cannula tip

Perfectly matched introducer

Diameter and length are perfectly matched for every cannula size
Inner contours are designed in a way that the SPROTTE® cannula tip is not damaged when it is inserted
Working length of the spinal cannula is only reduced by a very small amount

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