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PlexoLong NanoLine

Catheter through Needle Technique

The PlexoLong NanoLine kit was developed in collaboration with Dr. Meier especially for the peripheral techniques in regional anaesthesia and pain therapy. With this kit the catheter is introduced in sterile condition directly from a container through the cannula, and the anaesthetic is injected through the catheter. This patented technique has established itself successfully on the market and has aroused a great response and recognition in the professional world.

The kit consists of the PlexoLong NanoLine cannula optionally available with three different tip geometries and the PlexoLong catheter.

Stainless steel stylet

The sainless steel stylet provides the catheter with outstanding stability.

Catheter with central opening

This permits the free flow of the anaesthetic , particularly in connection with the post-operative injection pump.

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