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E-Cath according to Tsui and E-Cath Plus according to Tsui

Quickly positioned and safely anchored

The positioning of the E-Catheter

The E-Catheter is positioned through the indwelling cannula in a few work steps.5) This ultrasound-guided Catheter over Needle Technique (CON-Technique) can be performed by the anaesthetist alone.6) As the cannula diameter is smaller than the catheter diameter, the diameter of the insertion point is also smaller.7) This involves another positive aspect of this CON-Technique – namely the minimisation of the risk of leaks and dislocation.8)

E-Catheter with integrated stainless-steel stylet

E-Catheter with integrated stainless-steel stylet (E-Cath Plus): The stainless-steel stylet serves to stabilise the E-Catheter while withdrawing and advancing in the indwelling cannula.

Integrated injection tube with Luer Lock Connection

The E-Cath system with Luer Lock Connection (patent pending) enables a direct injection of the anaesthetic through the injection tube.

The SelfPriming System is therefore set up.
The connection of a ClampingAdapter is not necessary.

Soft tip

The catheter has a soft tip.

This means an increase in comfort and safety for the user and patient.

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