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SonoLong Echo – visibility all along the line

With SonoLong Echo, PAJUNK® succeeded in developing a radiopaque, ultrasound- and MRT visible catheter. The kits are equipped with a catheter container. The catheter can therefore be introduced into the cannula in a sterile condition. Furthermore this prevents the common memory effect that arises when winding the catheter in the packaging. The kits consist of cannulas with alternatively facet grinding, SPROTTE® SPECIAL or Tuohy tip.

Echogenic catheter material

The special catheter material is extremely visible under ultrasound monitoring and in MRT and also radiopaque. – The best requirements for clear identification in all three procedures.

Steel stylet

Outstanding stability for the SonoLong Echo due to the steel stylet, which is locked in place in the introductory aid at its end, and is removed together with the container after the application of the catheter.

Ascending length indication

On the 50 cm long catheter an ascending length indication up to a length of 30 cm in intervals of 5 cm is provided. Its exact position can therefore be determined at any time.

Catheter with central opening

This permits a good and free flow of the anaesthetic – particularly in connection with the post-operative injection pump.

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