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ErgoGrip has a stepless lock that ensures every desired position when grasping. This allows for absolutely precise and atraumatic work simultaneously. In contrast to conventional handles with ratchet the user can choose a completely individual and stepless opening angle when using ErgoGrip. ErgoGrip is exclusively combineable with reusable instrument inserts.

Ergonomic design

The wide molding and the distance from the four-finger rest and thumb rest combined with the rounded edges guarantee a balanced distribution of force on the individuual fingers, prevents signs of fatigue and avoids pressure marks.

Multiple hand positions

Clasping the handle is also perfectly supported from an ergonomic view. Each user finds an optimum holding position at any time regardless of preferences.

Rebounding thumb ring

Opening of the instrument insert with the assistance of a spring in the handle. This prevents signs of fatigue and also eases the adaption of the instrument inserts to a significant degree.

Activating and deactivating the lock

The toggle switch is pressed upwards to activate the stepless lock. The instrument inserts can then be closed at any time when opening is locked.

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