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StimuLong Sono NanoLine

Stimulatable catheter

The StimuLong Sono catheter – a joint development of PAJUNK ® and Dr. Kick – is unique due to its stimulatable tip, the electrically conductive steel stylet, and also because of the integrated metal helical coil. First, the nerve in question is identified using a PlexoLong cannula. Then the StimuLong catheter is advanced forward under nerve stimulation, with continuous adaptation of the intensity of the stimulation current. The stimulation takes place exactly when the tip of the catheter emerges from the cannula. Conclusions regarding the proximate nervous structures may be drawn directly from the stimulation response, and the catheter can be positioned with the corresponding precision. The distance to the nerve can be derived from the minimum current intensity required for stimulation. A secondary positioning check of the catheter tip can also be performed in case of an intermittent post-operative pain therapy.

Kit consisting of PlexoLong NanoLine cannula optional with two different tip designs and StimuLong Sono catheter.

Stimulateable catheter

The atraumatically rounded tip of the StimuLong Sono catheter is gold-plated. This establishes the electrical connection between the ClampingAdapter and stimulateable catheter tip. As a result, the highest possible conductivity and an excellent stimulation capability are guaranteed.

Unobstructed flow

Its integrated stainless steel helical coil provides the StimuLong Sono catheter with the highest degree of mobility and simultaneous kinking resistancy. The best requirements for the unobstructed flow of anaesthesia for continuous applications and the safe connection of the catheter to the injection pump.

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