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Ultrasound visibility with SelfPriming

Echogenic and reliable – continuous blocks with the E-Catheter

What applies for the SonoPlex cannula, which is equipped with Cornerstone Reflectors, also applies for the E-Catheter: Its outstanding visibility under ultrasound monitoring means an increase in safety for the anaesthetist during position control. The SelfPriming System (patent pending) is also responsible for this.

Outstanding ultrasound visibility of cannula and catheter

SelfPriming System

Additionally the E-Catheter also has a lateral opening, when injecting the anaesthetic, it also flows between the outer wall of the catheter and the inner wall of the indwelling cannula. Its patented SelfPriming System distributes the E-Catheter with outstanding echogenic properties.

Outstanding visibility

Due to the liquid layer between the catheter and indwelling cannula, the E-Catheter develops optimum echogenic properties that its position can be clearly identified under ultrasound.

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