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SonoLong Curl Echo – The “on-the-dot” anaesthesia, with a minimum of medication required

It is necessary to monitor the position of the catheter exactly. Since the catheter will follow the path with the least resistance, and this does not always coincide with the neural structures, the SonoLong Curl Echo catheter was developed by PAJUNK® together with Dr. Cedric Luyet, which has a tip that has been designed in a very special manner. As soon as the catheter passes through the opening of the cannula, the soft tip of the Curl catheter tip will roll up and therefore accesses the point where the cannula tip is positioned. This permits an extremely precise anaesthesia, with a minimum of medication required. The SonoLong Curl Echo catheter is visible under ultrasound and is also radiopaque. The cannula of this kit is equipped with a Tuohy tip.

Echogenicity and soft curl catheter tip

The radiopaque SonoLong Curl Echo catheter is extremely visible under ultrasound. It has a curled end, a closed tip and six lateral openings. It can therefore be positioned extremely precise and also provides an even distribution of anaesthetic.

Exact catheter positioning

The SonoLong Curl Echo catheter curls in the direct proximity of the nerve. This permits a very precise administration of local anesthetic at the intended location.

Integrated stainless steel helical coil

The stainless steel helical coil confers kinking resistancy to the catheter. This enables the unhindered flow of the anaesthetic, also over a longer period of time.

Marking for positional control

The catheter has been equipped with a 10 mm marking. Therefore, on the ward it can be read off at any time, if the catheter is still in the correct position.

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