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StimuLong Sono II – ultrasound and nerve stimulation for double safety

The StimuLong Sono II combines the advantages of a stimulateable catheter with those of echogenic Cornerstone Cannulas in one kit. The StimuLongSono II catheter is characterised by its stimulateable tip. Here, stimulation is achieved using an additional electric conductor that remains in the catheter over the entire application period and thus also enables subsequent position control. The inner lumen is completely NanoLine coated. Therefore a comprehensive insulation can be assumed. Stimulation takes place exactly when the catheter tip comes out of the cannula. A secondary position control of the catheter tip is also possible for intermittent post-operative pain therapy. The kits are available alternatively with facet grinding or Tuohy tip.

Stimulateable catheter

The catheter has a continuous electrical circuit. This establishes the electrical connection between the ClampingAdapter and stimulateable catheter tip.

Ascending length graduation

On the 50 cm long catheter an ascending longitudinal graduation up to a length of 30 cm in intervals of 5 cm is provided. Its exact position can therefore be determined at any time.

Integrated stainless steel helical coil

The stainless steel helical coil provides the catheter with kinking resistancy. This ensures the unhindered flow of the anaesthetic, also and particularly over a longer period of time.

Stimulateable catheter

The atraumatically rounded tip of the StimuLong Sono catheter is gold-plated. As a result, the highest possible conductivity and an excellent stimulation capability are guaranteed.

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