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Insufflation Cannula according Veress

The insufflation cannula according Veress were developed especially for the safe and efficient creation of the pneumoperitoneum. From puncture to removal, this system is geared towards safety: The sharp cannula tip allows for controlled introduction. A position check during puncture is possible at any time thanks to the positioning indicator. In addition, the atraumatic retractor protection minimizes the risk of organ damage. PAJUNK® offers the insufflation cannulas according to Veress in a disposable and reusable design as well as a complete stainless steel version:

Reuseable Cannula

The reuseable insufflation cannula are equipped with maintenance free cocks and a female Luer Lock Connector.

Reuseable Cannula - Stainless steel version

Disposable Cannula

As a cost efficient alternative PAJUNK has developed a disposable insufflation cannula. This cannula is available in two different sizes (2,10 x 120 mm and 2,10 x 150 mm) and is configurated with a female Luer Lock Connector.

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