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Product history Regional Anaesthesia

    E-Cath according to Tsui

This revolutionary technique for continuous peripheral nerve blocks – as easy as the Single Shot

    The new SPROTTE® generation

SPROTTE® 2.G – the new standard for stability, flow, and design

    Curl catheter

Joint development with Dr. Cedric Luyet, enables a precise placement and homogeneous distribution of the anaesthetic

    First echogenic cannula

Development of the Cornerstone-Reflectors and introduction of the first echogenic Sono cannulas as an answer to the increasing importance of ultrasonic methods

    NanoLine coating

Thin-film technology for increased precision in nerve stimulation (own fundamental research in coating technology – coating of the cannulas on the in- and outside – on the initiative of Prof. Sprotte)

    First stimulation catheter

Development of the first stimulation catheter together with Dr. Otmar Kick

    New technique for catheter placement

Innovative procedure through direct placement of the sterile catheter over the cannula
Joint development with Dr. Meier.

    First stimulating cannula

Development of the white coated stimulating cannula (insulation coating)

    Introduction of the SPROTTE® cannula

First atraumatic cannula for durapunction
Joint project with Prof. Dr. SPROTTE®
Rehabilitation of the spinal anaesthesia as a safe, fully accepted process in clinical practice