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E-Cath/E-Cath Plus

For continuous peripheral nerve blocks

E-Cath, a joint development of Dr. Ban Tsui and PAJUNK® gives new impulses for regional anaesthesia. This new set is as easy to use as the Single Shot Technique and the positioning of the catheter can be carried out by one person in a few work steps. 1) In addition, the outstanding visibility of cannula and catheter under ultrasound monitoring as well as the option for combining with electrical stimulation (dual guidance) increases the safety of precise nerve localisation.2)

The procedure: simple, safe, quick3)

Puncture with the SonoPlex cannula and indwelling cannula connected with the FixClip

The indwelling cannula is uncoupled by a 90° twist and the SonoPlex cannula is retracted

The E-Catheter is introduced via the indwelling cannula

and fixed in the indwelling cannula via the Luer Lock Connection.

1) Ip V. H. Y., Tsui B. C. H. The catheter-over-needle assembly facilitates delivery of a second local anesthetic bolus to prolong supraclavicular brachial plexus block without time-consuming catheterization steps: a randomized controlled study, Can. J. Anesth. 2013; 60: 693

2) Ip V. H. Y., Tsui B. C. H. The safety of an interscalene catheter-over-needle technique, Anesth. 2013; 68: 774–775

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