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SonoMSK Cannula

Sharp echogenic MSK injection cannula

Ultrasound guided MSK procedures are becoming more and more common in interventional pain therapy. The PAJUNK® SonoMSK cannula provides a sharp bevel to reduce pain during puncture, and offers optimised visibility of the cannula under ultrasound. Those features allow for precise ultrasound guided real-time cannula placement and injection control. The result is increased relief lasting for a longer time and reduced chance of complications like intravascular injections.

Outstanding echogenic from cannula shaft to cannula tip
  • Cornerstone Reflectors guarantees direct or indirect reflection of the ultrasound waves
  • Reflection on the first 20 mm around the cannula
  • Echogenic – even at deep punctions (steep insertion angle)
  • Clear identification, irrespective of the insertion angle

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