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StimuLong Sono Tsui II kit – Precise stimulation and localisation

With the StimuLong Sono Tsui II kit, Dr. Ban C. Tsui has developed a catheter set in cooperation with PAJUNK®, which is characterised by its versatility. The stimulating catheter is equipped with an integrated metal helical coil and a steel stylet. With that, the anesthetist can control the stiffness of the catheter tip at any time, and the user can simultaneously stimulate and perform injections.

Integrated stainless steel helical coil

The stainless steel helical coil confers kinking resistancy to the catheter.

This enables the unhindered flow of the anaesthetic, also and particularly over a longer period of time.

Stimulateable catheter

The catheter has a continuous electrical circuit.

This establishes the electrical connection between the ClampingAdapter and stimulateable catheter tip.

Steel stylet

The steel stylet can be advanced or retracted, and it permits the perfect manipulation of the catheter tip.

Stiff tip will make the advancement easier.
Soft tip permits atraumatic movements in the epidural space.

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