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1981 Professor SPROTTE began with the development of a new therapy method of the algesioligy. SPROTTE replaces the systematic sympathicus blockades through a local opioid analgesy. An adequate Opioid proved to be Buprenorphin in the dosing of 0,025mg. SPROTTE named this therapy Ganglionic Local Opioid Analgesy (GLOA).

GLOA provides a lot of advantages for the pain therapy. The subjective adverse reaction and the acute risk potential of the sympathetic nervous system do most of the times not occur. GLOA can be operated at both sides in one session, because neither mutual recurrence- or phrenicusparesis nor negative cardiac effects are to fear.

In the experiment to impact the idiopathic facial pain syndromes with this method, it turned out, that the analgesic effect of GLOA was just achievable at the ganglion cervical superius. In cooperation with PAJUNK®, SPROTTE developed therefore a special technique with the required equipment.

GLOA completes the therapeutical spectrum, mainly if a fast analgesia should be achieved, or if incompatibility of Carbamazepin or Phenytoin or relative contra- indications for lesionell or operative intervention exists. The atraumatic SPROTTE® cannula facilitates a daily puncture at one place, without appearance of irritation due to the repeated trauma.

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