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To secure working access

Mono and Vario balloon systems

PAJUNK® offers two different balloon systems to secure working access:

Mono balloon system

Mono balloons have a tried and tested standard seal system with a silicone valve.

Vario balloon system

Vario balloon systems have a universal double seal system and are available with ring-anchor or URO ring-anchor balloons. They provide the surgeon with a securely anchored, gas-tight access to the extraperitoneal or intraperitoneal space.

Lockable obturator
A bayonet lock connects the obturator securely to the valve housing when it is fully inserted. Easy to unlock, it just needs a twist.

Universal seal
All instruments with diameters between 3 and 5 mm or rather 5 and 11 mm can be inserted so that they are completely gas-tight.

The obturator is also available with the PROTECT tip. This allows the balloon system to be placed and dilated without causing trauma as the tip is blunt.

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