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MultiStim SWITCH

More safety through the indication of patient resistance

The MultiStim SWITCH has revolutionized nerve stimulation. Because MultiStim SWITCH is the first device, which permits the immediate identifi cation and correction of a misplaced cannula, before mechanical or chemical injuries are caused. Because it has been confirmed on the basis of medical studies conducted under the direction of Dr. Tsui, that patient resistance will increase distinctly in cases of intraneural, intravas-cular and intrathecal punctures.

The measurement of the resistance connected therewith is only possible, if the highly precise PAJUNK® stimulation cannula are used.

Stimulation per Kanüle oder Katheter

  Stimulation by cannula
  • cannula symbol appears on the display
  • maximum stimulation current intensity will be 6 mA
Stimulation per catheter
  • the word „CATH“ will appear on the display
  • range of stimulation current intensity will be increased to 20 mA
  • correspond with the specific requirements of epidural stimulation

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