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IntraLong Kit for Countinuous Spinal Anaesthesia

The continuous spinal anaesthesia achieves with a minimal amount of anaesthetics an immediate and maximal pain relief. The SPROTTE® SPECIAL cannula of PAJUNK® makes this technique even more gentle and safe by transferring the essential advantages of the SPROTTE® cannula into this continuous range of application. The SPROTTE® SPECIAL cannula has also an atraumatic tip design and a lateral orifice. The fundamental difference: The lateral opening of the SPROTTE® SPECIAL cannula located far towards to the cone of the tip.

The complete IntraLong Set consists of a SPROTTE® SPECIAL cannula, catheter, filter, adapter and Luer- syringe.

The advantages in detail:

A SPROTTE® cannula and a Tuohy-cannula penetrate the multi-layered texture of the spinal dura. With the Tuohy-cannula, the exertion of pressure and the application of tension to the tissue of the dura inflict a large laceration, as it may be seen, whereas the SPROTTE® cannula merely causes a minimal defect. The dura seals here the catheter ingress optimally.

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