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SonoPlex cannulas

Double safety as a result of stimulation and ultrasound

The use of SonoPlex cannulas leads with the combination of stimulation and ultrasound to greater safety in use for the patient and the operator. Since the visual presentation of the patient‘s individual anatomy and – at the same time – the control of the distance between the cannula and the nerve through stimulation not only the puncture accuracy is improved, leading to greater safety in use, but the technique has also been shown to save time.

The standard version with NaoLine coating and Cornerstone Reflectors leads moreover to a maximum ultrasound visibility and brecision of the application.

Adaptable injection tube

Enables aspiration or injection to be carried out during the puncture process. It can be removed by the anaesthetist at any time if it is getting in the way of the work.

Electroconductive precision tip with stepless transition to the coating
Two different tip geometries:

SonoPlex cannula with facet grinding

Special facet grinding reduces the risk of injury to a minimum compared to conventional sharp cannulas

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