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Cerebral biopsy

The PAJUNK® BrainPro cannulas, which have been specially designed for single or repeated extraction of tumorous cerebral tissue, using a stereotaxic frame, convince in function and handling. The cannula tip has a lateral opening for the incorporation of large biopsy material samples – therefore, the tissue cylinder is large enough for the recovery of histology samples. The sealed, closed system also ensures a good vacuum and excellent biopsy material quality. A depth stop allows the puncture depth to be safely determined in advance. BrainPro biopsy sets are designed as an entirely disposable set of instruments, guaranteeing total hygiene and therefore also protection against prion transfers.

PAJUNK® distinguishes between two sets:

BrainPro for the single and Brainpro acc to Merlo for the multiple extraction of cerebral tissue biopsies.

BrainPro acc to Merlo

Positioning and biopsy extraction under frameless stereotaxy procedure

The BrainPro-Access anchoring- and guidance instrument is fi rmly screwed into the calotte of the skull by means of the slightly conical and self-cutting titanium thread. The fastening screw ensures the absolutely slip-proof fi xation of the puncture cannula in the desired orientation (pivoting range 50° in every direction).

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